Town Clerk

Responsibilities of the Office of the Town Clerk

The Office of the Town Clerk is responsible for preparing and distributing agendas, documents, and minutes for the Town Council meetings; maintaining, recording and preserving all official documents and proceedings of the Town Council; publishing legal advertisements; posting public notices; coordinating the codification and publication of the Town’s Code of Ordinances; processing weed abatement and demolition assessments; receiving and filing claims; distributing accounts payable and payroll checks; receiving and processing applications for alcohol beverage license; processing all business license and building permit applications; receiving and processing annexation, property inquiry, and public information requests; conducting municipal elections; and processing all incoming and outgoing mail.

See the Doing Business page to find all links to permits and license applications.

Applications & Licenses

Applications for the sale of alcoholic beverages are filed with the Town Clerk.  Petitions for annexation into the corporate limits of the Town of Rehobeth are filed in the Town Clerk’s office.

Requesting Records & Information

Submit written request to include name, address, phone number, and reason for request to:

Town Clerk
221 Malvern Road
Rehobeth, AL 36301

Sales, Use and Lodgings Tax

Sales, use, and lodgings taxes are collected by AlaTAX, which is located in Birmingham, Alabama.  For information call (800) 556-7274.